Our Story

David and Mike Singleton opened their first store in Canton at the corner of Substation Rd and Pisgah Drive in 1999.  They eventually expanded by buying the Pantry stores, one located across the road and the other on Radio Hill.  After buying and selling stores in Maggie Valley, Newfound, and Candler, they have ended up with Single Stop Clyde, and Frank's Single Stop in Bethel, along with Southside and Radio Hill locations.  

When Mike acquired the land adjacent to their first store, they decided to try their hand in the car wash business.  Pisgah Drive Car Wash offers 4 self-serve bays, and an automatic bay.

Currently, they are in their first year of business with their new Hometown Hardware store, located at 127 Plaza Loop in Canton, beside Sav-Mor.  

More information can be found at www.hometown-hardware.com